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You looking for a more organic skin care routine?

You looking for a makeup-removing solution that is skin friendly?

You tired of spending hundreds of dollars on makeup towelettes?

You afraid chemicals are wearing down your skin?

Then the Makedown is exactly what you need!

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For the love of your face and the love of our earth


  • Dermatologist approved: Soft and split microfibers caress your skin as they absorb all the makeup and dirt on your face. The thinner-than-hair fibers sweep into every pore so that your face is left glowingly clean. Perfect for sensitive skins and Rosacea.
  • Save Money on a makeup removing solution that will last you up to 1000 uses. That’s every day of the Makedown for close to 3 years!


Save time, save money, help save our earth.



Quality, Convenience and Beauty


  • Multi-use: Exfoliate AND Cleanse. Our premium microfiber makes exfoliating and cleansing safe on all areas of the face. Even the eyes.
  • Stain-proof: Stay classy long after the party is over. With the black Makedown, never worry about lingering makeup stains after every wash.
  • Machine Washable: No bleach - Hang to dry
  • Compact: Perfect for travelling. More room in your suitcase for more of the things you love !

Glow up!


1 - Dampen the Makedown with warm water. Make sure the water has been absorbed.

2 - Exfoliate: Effortlessly wipe the makeup off with repeated circular motions using the integrated sleeve. Microfibers are thinner than hair and will get into the smallest pores no cotton cloth can access.

Cleanse: Using the flip side, wipe the Makedown on all areas of the face. Look at your clear face. Smile.

3 - For x-tra stubborn waterproof mascara, dab a touch of natural cleanser and swipe it right off.

4 - Rinse, squeeze and hang to dry with the x-tra long hanging hook.

5 - Machine wash as needed - No Bleach - Hang to dry for that just-like-new softness.




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Accurate Makeup Removal 2 in 1:

Integrated sleeve to help you exfoliate AND cleanse every spot for a fresh face.

Plush Microfiber

Our premium microfiber makes it safe and gentle on all areas of the face. Even the eyes.

No damp spots

Air-dry without looking back with an extra-long integrated hanging hook.

Save your skin while saving the planet

Help minimize waste AND level up your beauty routine with a makeup remover that will leave you glowing!

Tassi is a cosmetic line that was founded to make your beauty routine easy, practical and organic. Our products are made to be reusable using premium quality fabrics that are good for you and
good for the planet. At Tassi, we value good craftsmanship. Details matter to us so that when the party’s over you can enjoy a hassle-free beauty routine.